My chickens can't walk

I've had a question from a concerned reader, my hens are unable to walk. There are a number of reasons for this, without a visual it's a really hard one to diagnose, I like to see and handle a hen for a number of issues, this particular problem being one of them. I've had some experiences that I can share, the first time one of my hens couldn't walk she was egg bound, sitting upright like a penguin, movement was slow painful and at times non existent. Once both eggs were carefully removed my girl made an excellent recovery. One of the common problems is poisonous plants, or metals, or perhaps plants/weeds that owners spray with weed killing agents. Another possibly is toxins, they can enter your girls system if they've eaten mouldy spoilt feed, the toxins need meds which need veterinary expertise. I have heard of people laying down bug powders/sprays which contaminate said bugs which are then ingested by your hen. For poison I would induce vomiting, but I wouldn't recommend this unless your sure it is poisoning. The other possibility is lameness, again a number of reasons for this but some can be quite worrying, what is important in all situations is to handle your bird, what colour,  consistency are your hens droppings, droppings can be a good indicator of problems. Is her crop empty or full, is she eating and drinking, it is important your hen takes water regularly, adding poultry tonic to some water and given via an eye dropper will keep your bird hydrated. 

problem solving questions and answer forum

It is my intention to use this page as a question and answer forum, I shall address some common and some not so common problems faced by chicken keepers And I shall pass on my experiences in dealing with the issues raised. I speak from a position of knowledge as I have encountered many situations along my journeys through the chicken world. If there is something specific you require an answer to please let me know and I shall cover that topic, otherwise I shall select randomly Myself. 

The wild birds are eating my chickens food

i find this a problem as the cost of hen feed has slowly risen over the years like many other things in life. This is a hard one to get a grip on, you raise you feeders off the ground so predators like rats can't get into them, only to find that the birds of the winged variety are now swooping down perching and feeding on your hens feed, as well as the cost there is the health risk, infection from both of these predators Can be costly and deadly. The answer is to feed your hens using the treadle-operated feeder which houses your feed safely until stood on by your hen and activated by her weight. Once she steps off the lid closes and securely stores your feed until needed again.