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This for me is the epitome of Spring, the first new arrivals

Horatio my bovine goldline,s main man. Provider, protector and all round good guy.

Far left is my oldest girl she is 6 years old (Jan-2015) I still get 2-3 eggs a week from her, my copper blue maran

Timmy my vorwex cockerel an amazing ambassador of his species. I never tire of watching him with his ladies

My first harvest for my army of loyal egg customers, it's taking longer this year but is all coming along nicely now.

My trio of scotch dumpies the long legged variety approx 2 months old they lay approx 160 eggs per year

Timmy who was my first cockerel, he is a vorvex pure breed and is king of his cuckoo maran girls.

Blondie my very gentle white star cockerel, the females can be flighty but my cockerel is the opposite, he will feed with me by his side.

Timmy my first cockerel, he's 2 years old (2015) he is a vorvex and he has 6 cuckoo maran girls and 6 Cotswold speckled hens.

Hand feeding one of my loham brown hens

My girls enjoying a warming feed of chicken and rice dog food with fresh garden peas, it's minus 2 degrees

My bovine goldlines enjoying a warm breakfast on a minus degree morning

My loham Browns bobbing for bread

Horatio surrounded by his girls enjoying some tasty treats

My 27 week old mixed bag of juvenille chicks, were hatched out under my persistent cuckoo maran clockers.

Blondie my white star cockerel who is always surrounded by his harem of white star females

My loham Browns always keeping a lookout for me, it,s only cupboard love but I don't mind.

Brutus and Blondie saying good morning to each other, separated of course by heras fencing. Each King of their Crees

Timmy at home foraging with his cuckoo maran ladies

Blondie having a moment alone as some of his ladies are busy in the dust bath and the others ar in the nesting boxes

A brief glimpse behind the scenes of my Crees and a glimpse into the lives of those who dwell within. My girls are amazing and regularly provide me with a glut of fresh eggs daily, and all overseen by my army of beautiful cockerels. Timmy, Horatio, Brutus, and Blondie.