Home visits from the chicken doctor:

there can be any number of reasons why you may wish a visit from the chicken doctor, but before you request a visit can I suggest that you contact me via my :contact: page giving me a brief outline of Your girls symptoms as this can generate a much faster treatment for your girls. I have been freely dispensing advice on chickens health for a number of years now. However there are certain things that cannot be treated over the phone, for example.

: Beak trimming/filing, when a chickens top beak overgrows the bottom half this leaves your hen unable to pick up food and unable to drink, it's a terrible way for a hen to die, starvation or dehydration. It's not an easy thing to spot as your hen looks like she is feeding or drinking. this one you've got to look closely for.

: nail clipping/filing, more commonly seen in grass/lawn raised chickens, periodically your hens nails will need cutting or filing depending on the length. Untreated this can cause your your hens major discomfort as she fails to grip onto her roosting pole at night time and falling, unable to roost she can become the victim of predators. And more seriously this can cause her in serious pain when walking and can leave her unable to forage which chickens need to do as worms and bugs etc are very high in protein. More importantly if you or your children handle  your flock those unkempt nails can easily tear/puncture skin.

: spur clipping/trimming, should you have a cockerel you will note he has a spur, in the same place a dog would have a dew claw, this spur is an outgrowth of bone, long and to a sharp point at the end. Used in fighting other cockerels, in defending their girls from predato attacks, or on occasion against their owners. I have over the years had many a question regarding an aggressive cockerel, infact I myself 3 years ago for no reason at all was the victim of (Benny) one of my own boys. A large 2-3 inch bone pointed at one end tearing through my thick jeans one winter still left its mark in my rear calf. I was recently contacted on-line by a lady distressed at the death of her prized chicken. One morning she did not come out for her usual morning feed, she was discovered indoors in a bloodied state, already dead. I was asked to call around and locate how the predator had entered and make her remaining hens secure. her chicken had a hole in her side and had bled out. After checking the perimeter I looked inside for dangers and discovered the cockerel had blood on his spur, he had punctured her skin during the day as he tredded her while mating, this had not been noticed by her owners and she had simply bled out. I now carry out annual checks including spur filing on this marvellous cockerel.

: Eye infections, hens can contract conjunctivitis which will need treatment. Hens that fight always go for the face and it's not the first time I've been called on to remove an eye hanging out of a hens socket, most unpleasant.

: i still provide advice freely and I treat chickens locally for free when people are able to bring them to me.  I work 7 days a week running my own poultry site and I juggle visits with tending my own large flock, and as chicken keeping is growing in popularity so are the areas I am covering. I provide my own tools and any medications are free of charge.

if you need me to call out I usually spend between 1 and 3 hours on site, I will individually check all your chickens including checking and treating your birds Cree for any kind of bugs, regardless I always sanitise to be doubly sure for lice and mites, I will rid your hens cree and roosting poles of those unwanted guests, I will clean and sanatize your hens Cree Fully, I know all the hiding places they use. I charge a flat rate of £30 per visit to cover my time/ my tools/and any medications and treatments and sanitising solutions I use, the time I like to spend on diagnosing and treating your flock can range depending on size of flock anywhere from 1-3 hours, this time is covered in my set fee. I provide all treatments and medications needed within the set fee. I will check the length of your hens beaks and toes and trim if needed and I will give as much advice as I possibly can to you, I can show you how to perform these simple tasks so you can do all of this yourself in future. And remember if I can be of any help to you at all. My on-line my advice is totally free, I can talk you through most simple procedures avoiding the need for me to call out at all.

 I also offer a chicken sitting service  allowing owners to enjoy a holiday in the knowledge their chickens are in the best hands possible: please see my menu for full details. 

: To put put your mind at ease over the costs I charge here is an outline of a conversation I had last year, I had one lady last year tell me that she struggled to find an avian vet, then the one she travelled to said her hen needed an X-ray £80 as standard, there were medical expenses incl medication and consultation fees and none of this included V.A.T sadly her hen died the next day. A treatment can easily cost between £200-£300 for a single bird with no guarantee your bird would survive the trauma. I hear stories of this nature daily on my other media sites which you can freely read for yourself.  Hens can and do suffer from the trauma of stress and this can manifest itself in death. Having me call out causes your hens no stress at all and costs a fraction of what you could be paying, added to which seeing the hens in their natural habitat can make for a much easier/faster diagnosi. As I'm typing this I have 5 people on social media I am currently communicating with. My day starts at 4am and it's now 11pm and I'm nowhere near finished, I give consultations to people all over the world, I do not charge for my advice, I'm all about chickens. Thank you for taking the time to read this. please feel free to message me.