Making your own oregano and olive oil medicine

For those of you that are regular followers of my blog you will know that I'm all for organic ingredients given to my hens, no more so than when the need comes to medicating my flock. With commercial medications there are risks and there can be side effects too, side effects we have all been witness to over the years, product recalls in meat and in dairy as the animals given commercial medications have built up an immunity to them, in particular some medications given to chickens who s eggs cannot be consumed while these commercial medications are in their bodies. Originally antibiotics were given to hens/animals that were kept in forced conditions I.E were kept indoors for the best part if not their entire lives and fed foreign feeds that is feed that is not native to their diets. It was deemed that giving animals these commercial medications would give them more tolerance to the sometimes filthy and cramped conditions they were forced to exist in. Free ranging outdoor reared poultry who forage daily for their feed rarely have the need for commercial antibiotics, they have an abundance of weeds, flowers and herbs. None more so than oregano, farmers the length and breadth of the country are slowly realising the benefits of natural medicine and are now starting to research the benefits of organic remedies for use in their stock. In large I guess this is due to the demands of consumers who are mindful that what goes into an animal ends up on their plate. Oregano oil is known for among other things its anti-parasitic properties which is why I use on my chickens and why I whole heartedly recommend its use for anti-inflammatory disease, anti-fungal disease and anti-viral diseases.

1/ For sour crop: a little oregano oil mixed with natural yoghurt:

2/ Scaley leg mite: a little oregano oil and a little tea tree oil:

3/ General good health: a few drops daily to maintain the health of the flock

The recipe for oregano oil is simple:

2 cups of oregano

2 cups of olive oil

1 jam jar

1 pan

Method: warm the olive oil in your pan, while it's on the Heat break up you fresh oregano, it will help the olive oil penetrate the goodness from the herb. Add the warmed olive oil to the jam jar then add the crushed cut fresh oregano. Leave the oregano oil in a cool part of your home for 3 weeks. After which you Sieve the liquid into a separate jar and store the oregano liquid in a cool and darkened place.


I try and let nothing go to waste in my gardens, if it can't be brought to the kitchen table then it is given away to my army of loyal egg customers, otherwise it goes to my hens or into next years compost pile. Having been in catering most of my life I love nothing more than to be able to put my home grown foods into recipes that are easy to follow and simple to make. The fewer ingredients the less things to go wrong. And you can taste the ingredients used there not masked with garlic or heavy handed with pepper or over salted. If I make celery soup then you can be sure to taste celery. I shall publish my recipes along with the method used and a final photograph. You of course are free to copy my recipes and anything else you may wish to add to improve them.. As I have an abundance of celery (some 80 heads) planted and doing well, and some 90 onions planted, and as I love soup, I imagine my first two recipes may be soup related.


for this recipe you will need the following ingredients. 2 tablespoons of butter,, 3 medium sized onions thinly sliced,, 20 grams of plain flour,, 600mls of chicken stock,, 900 mls of beef stock,, half a teaspoon of salt... And a can of batters mushroom soup.. (merely added as a thickening agent.) The method for this. Thinly slice 3 onions Gently fry them in your butter for approx 5 mins until the butter has melted, don't let them go brown, add the flour and coat the onions Mixing well,, ,, slowly add your chicken stock stirring well, followed by the beef stock,and finally your can of baxters mushroom soup,, add salt to flavour if required, and bring the liquid to a rolling boil,, then let is simmer gently on a low heat for approx 10 minutes.. 


For this recipe you will need: 200 grams of mushrooms,, 1 small onion chopped,, 475 mls of chicken stock,, 50 grams butter,, 3 tablespoons plain flour,, 350 mls of milk,, 125 mls cream. Method: chop your onion and gently fry it in your butter until melted,, add your mushrooms mixing them in until soft,, add your flour and mix in well then add your chicken stock stirring it in well before adding in your milk, bring to a gentle boil then gently simmer on a low heat for a further 10 minutes,, at end of the ten minutes add the cream but do not let the soup boil with the cream in it.. The cream is an optional extra, it's mushroom soup until you add the cream then it is cream of mushroom. Personally I like it without the cream. For a real hearty taste you can mix your variety of mushrooms you add, personally I like the wild ones givping your soup a real bite. I only grow button mushrooms but I add some store purchased wild mushrooms for a different flavour all together..


for this recipe you will need: 1 head of celery cut small,, 1 large onion diced small,, 2 potatoes,, 1 nob of butter,, 450 mls of milk,, 450 mls of chicken stock. Method. Fry onion in butter for 3 mins,, addping the celery fry for a further 3 minutes,, add 450 mls of chicken stock and stir,,,then  add 900 mls of milk and your cooked and chopped potatoes,, bring to a gentle boil then simmer gently on a low heat for 20 minutes. Using a hand blender mix until the desired thickness has been achieved. 

free to share your special recipes and please, enjoy mine.

Anthony metcalfe