26. Feb, 2016

FACT 1: chickens love to play and they will run and jump given the chance and the space and love nothing more than sunbathing too.

FACT 2: chickens experience R.E.M rapid eye movement, showing that chickens can dream.

FACT 3: chickens know who the boss is, like us they form social structure and know their place on the social ladder.

FACT 4: chickens are cleverer than toddlers, exhibiting self control and mathematical reasoning.

FACT 5: chickens tell each other what they see, with a vocabulary of some thirty words, including warning of danger, by air, land and sea in different calls. 

FACT 6: chickens feel pain and distress and they also grieve and feel the loss of a flock member.

FACT 7: chickens understand when an object is hidden from them that it still exists, even toddlers do not have this ability.

FACT 8: chickens are attracted to the roosters who have the largest wattles.

FACT 9: chickens navigate using the sun which also aides them in finding food and water, they even know what time it is using the sun.

FACT 10: chickens dust bathe to ward off parasites and to insulate their feathers.

FACT 11: chicken mothers talk to their young through the shells and their young reply, of the things they teach the mother hens teach their young the different warning calls, air, sea and land.

FACT 12: chickens are the closest living relative to the T REX.

FACT 13: chickens not wanting the off-Spring after being mated with a cockerel lower in the rankings (pecking order) can EJECT his sperm.

FACT 14: chickens on our planet number 25 billion (approx) out-numbering human beings.

FACT 15: chickens were first domesticated for the use of cockfightping and not as originally believed for food.

FACT 16: chickens are not completely flightless, can fly but only over short distances (like fences) and not for a sustained period.

FACT 17: chickens are omnivores eating seeds and insects, they will also eat small mice and frogs.

FACT 18: chickens are attracted to the cockerels wattle and it is size that matters, when the male performs his tidbitting dance for the female, the wattle is what impresses the female.

FACT 19: chickens enemies include the fox, Hawks, large rats, owls, ferrets, 

FACT 20: chickens are grouped in 12 classes and are known to number over 170 varieties and it is believed over 50 different breeds exist worldwide. 

FACT 21; a newbo chick consists of 80% water.

FACT 22: A laying hen will drink 25% of her daily water ration in the last 2 hours of daylight. 

FACT 23: water is used to soften the feed and to carry the feed to your hens digestive tract.